Justice delivery difficult under political duress: Chief Justice

Chitwan, December 12

Chief Justice Sushila Karki today said that it was very difficult to provide justice under political duress.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised by Chitwan District Court in Bharatpur, Karki held that judges must have the courage to deliver justice to the people.

Noting that Nepal’s judiciary was making headway, Karki requested the judges to deliver justice quickly and effectively irrespective of the ‘shortcomings’.

Karki said, “If a verdict is not issued prudently, it can cost someone’s life, and destroy a family. A judge has to be very cautious while providing justice.”

Karki said that justice was being delivered in the country as per the Third Strategic Project for the first time in Asia. She hailed the works carried out by the Chitwan district court, and pointed out the need to modernise the courts in Nepal. “To distance courts from political influence, they need to be modernised,” Karki said.

Meanwhile, in another programme in Makawanpur, the chief justice urged legal practitioners and security personnel to provide timely justice to victims.

Speaking at an interaction on ‘Roles of Stakeholders to Strengthen Access to Justice’ in Hetauda today, Chief Justice Karki said, “If security personnel, law practitioners, the judiciary, and state stakeholders take the issue of providing justice to victims seriously, the judiciary system of the country will become a model to follow.”

Scores of victims have been deprived of justice due to delay in providing justice by he concerned authorities, she added.

Karki said the court and judiciary must be easy to access to the general public, and the judiciary system must end procrastination.