Juvenile correction home in Banke district in sorry state

Nepalgunj, September 28

Juvenile correction home in Banke’s Duduwa Rural Municipality-6 is in a sorry state for want of sound management and


While the correction home has the capacity to accommodate some 75 children, it is now crammed with 107 children. Children in the correction home do not have enough food to eat. Though the central prison sends budget to the correction home, it is being managed by a non-government organisation and is yet to be handed over to the government. Correction home In-charge Bimala Kauchamagar admitted weaknesses in the management of the correction home.

“Children from across the country including Kathmandu are sent here. Therefore, management is a big deal. Due to lack of beds, children have to sleep on the floor,” she said. Children aged between 8 and 18 are kept at the correctiont home. A majority of children in  the home were convicted of rape, while others were convicted of murder, drug abuse and theft. These kids are supposed to study inside the correction home, but they have been deprived of education. Though a school building is under construction near the correction home, the government is yet to approve the school and manage teachers for it.

The correction home isn’t linked to the national grid. “Life for the kids during summer is hard as there is no electricity. As there is not enough water, they have to queue up for long hours to take shower,” said Kaucha Magar.

Sub-inspector Narayan Dhakal, talked about security challenges. “As the compound wall of the correction home is not high, there are chances that kids might escape,” he said.

CWIN Nepalgunj Chief Siddharaj Paneru, called the child correction home in Duduwa an achievement, but said many things

were lacking in the correction home. INSEC Province-5 Coordinator Bhola Mahat said the government shouldn’t leave the correction home in a lurch and should do the needful to equip it with required facilities.