Kailali Dalit women take social leadership

Dhangadi, December 23

Women belonging to the Dalit community in rural areas of Kailali district have started to take up social leadership.

The women were made leaders of their societies for their active participation in different training programmes launched by various organisations and groups in the district.

Ishwora BK of Attariya Municipality said the women were able to lead society after they participated in different training programmes that boosted their confidence and skills. “The women have begun to take information regarding income sources and their rights with the knowledge they attained through the programmes,” she added.

Similarly, Sumitra Sop of Chetana Woman Group, Chaukidanda said awareness had increased among local Dalit women. “Dalit women are also interested in politics as it plays an important role in ending social discrimination,” she said.

Chairman Shanti BK of Nawajyoti Dalit Woman Group said the women had begun to take interest in politics and gather information about injustice. “The women still face some challenges as the state does not have a clear policy for them.

They are economically unstable and lack education,” she said. Various women groups are said to have started saving money on a monthly basis by establishing a fund in their locality.

Meanwhile, district Chairperson Punam Sijapati of Dalit Woman Union said they had formed Dalit women group in 20 VDCs of the district.