Kailali District Administration Office enforces 10-day prohibitory order

DHANGADHI: District Administration Office, Kailali has imposed a prohibitory order that has come into effect from Thursday midnight amid rapidly rising cases of Covid-19 across the country.

The DAO informed that the prohibition order has been imposed until August 30 to control the Covid-19 transmission after the violation of lockdown went rampant.

Meanwhile, public transportation, business firms and government offices have come to a close with the prohibitory order in the district. Likewise, the movement of people has also come to halt as the security checks have been intensified.

Information officer Shivaraj Joshi at the DAO asserted that in lockdown, the officials could only appeal to the general public while a prohibitory order implies authorisation of command to stop the movement.

"We exercised a 120-day lockdown which eventually weakened as people returned to their regualar lifestyles, neglecting the safe distancing measures against health safety standard," Information officer Joshi said, and added, "That is why prohibitory order has been clamped to take the situation under control." He further added, "The DAO also has the authority to declare curfew in case violation of prohibitory order increases."

Kailali's Chief District Officer (CDO) declared 10-day long prohibitory order as per the Communicable Disease Act, 2020 and Local Administration Act, 2020. The directive has already been issued to the police administration for the implementation of the order.

There is a provision in Local Administration Act that a prohibitory order violator will be punished with one-month imprisonment and slapped a fine of Rs 500 while there is a one-month imprisonment and a fine of Rs 100 in the provision of the Communicable Disease Act for the same.

Likewise, those refusing to obey the law will be punished with six months in prison and a fine of Rs 600. Joshi concluded that stringent action will be taken against the prohibitory order violators.