Kailali police seize explosives, bullets being smuggled from India

DHANGADHI: Kailali police on Wednesday said they have seized explosives and bullets from separate places of Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City recently.

On September 6, five kilograms of gunpowder and nine and half kilograms of soda were seized from Trivenighat of Dhangadhi while they were being smuggled from Indian side across the Mohana River, spokesperson of Kailali District Police Office, Dilip Singh Bhandari, informed.

The smugglers, however, fled toward India as soon as he realised he was being watched by police.

Similarly, 18 bullets were recovered from Baiyabehadi of Dhangadhi when they were being smuggled into the city on September 11. They were wrapped in a cloth and were inside a bag containing sugar.

Police had recovered the bullets after its possessor, a teenager, had fled the scene throwing the bag in the air as he noticed a plain-clothes police team after him, according to the DPO.

Police are looking into both the cases.