Kamal Nepali hale, hearty in Xavier

Kathmandu, July 17:

Wants to study hard, be a gymnast.

Young hero Kamal Nepali, who earned accolades after rescuing two-and-half-year-old Aradhana Pradhan from a gorge on June 25, has now become a first grader at Xavier International School. Kamal says he wants to read more and become a gymnast.

“I want to study a lot, but I want to be a gymnast,” he said.

Though Nepali has been in the school’s hostel for just eight days, he has become very popular

among friends and hostel staff.

Maxwell Masy, hostel superintendent, said the boy was trying to show his bravery in the hostel, too. “On the very first day of his arrival, he asked his friends to keep quiet and assured them to help if they needed any. He is an extrovert and funny guy and readily gets mixed with the crowd, though he comes from a different setting and school,” Masy added.

The young hero says it was his responsibility to save the baby girl from gorge. “If my friends get into trouble, I will save them as well,” he said suggesting that gymnastic would help him grow strong and serve his purpose.

But he is glad to study and be in the hostel.

“I have lots of friends and I am also studying English,” he said, adding getting good food and Masu Bhat (meat and rice) regularly and company of friends is the best part of his new life. “But I miss mother and father. I will visit them during Dashain.”

Every morning, Nepali gets up at 5:30 and goes to bed at 9:30 in the evening.

After his brave deed, various organisations showered awards on him. Honouring his heroism, Xavier International College signed an agreement with the family of Kamal to sponsor his education along with boarding charge till he graduates.

Lok Bahadur Bhandari, managing director of the school, said they have found a progressive student in Kamal.

He said the school would provide extra classroom attention to him so that he could catch up with fellow students.