JUMLA: As many as 21 women went through cost-free surgical operation of uterus at the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences in Jumla district.

The Academy has been providing the surgical operation, also known as subtotal hysterectomy, for free for the past one month.

Earlier, the Academy had set a goal of providing surgery to around 30 women, informed Academy's Dr Naresh Thapa Magar.

Magar said health camps are being operated in Handsinja, Jumlakot, Chumchaur and in the Academy premises.The programmes are run with the government’s support.

“We found that many women were suffering from uterus prolapse,” Magar added.

The doctor further shared that the problems of uterus prolapse are caused due to early marriage, lack of nutritional diet, lack of appropriate prenatal care, giving birth to more babies, excessive work load and deliveries at home.

The free service will continue until November, according to the Academy.