Kaski police makes 466 arrests in past two months

POKHARA: Under the 12-point work plan implemented by Kaski Police, 466 miscreants involved in a wide range of crimes were detained in the past two months, an official progress report shows.

Series of arrests were made and criminal cases were filed against the arrestees for involvement in crimes like hooliganism, extortion, threatening, metre interest setups, absconding after proven guilty, drug abuses, gambling, prostitution and theft, Kaski Police Chief and Superintendent of Police, Om Bahadur Rana said.

According to Rana, 243 cases were filed against the arrested 466 persons. Likewise, Kaski police has held 76 absconding convicts in the past two months.


Crime                                            Persons Arrested

Absconding convicts                                  76

Hooliganism/extortion/meter interest       15

Drug Abuse and Trade                               40

Gambling                                                    59

Prostitution                                                 27 males and 51 females

Theft and loot                                             28