Kathmandu to experience brief pockets of rain today: MFD

KATHMANDU: Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD) has said that the eastern and central regions of the country will remain cloudy while the western region will be partly cloudy today.

Some places of the eastern and central regions including few places in the western hilly region are likely to experience brief rain and thundershowers.

According to MFD, the evening will be cloudy in the hilly regions and partly cloudy in the rest of the country. Hilly regions are likely to receive isolated brief rain or thundershowers at a few places.

Earlier, Meteorologist Raju Pradhananga had said that cumulonimbus clouds were responsible for thunderstorm and hailstorm.

Cumulonimbus clouds are formed in the sky in the afternoon or evening when the land surface is heated, bringing rain and even hailstorm. Pre-monsoon period is a transition between summer and monsoon seasons.

Though Nepal has witnessed several windstorms this pre-monsoon, the farmers are happy with regular rainfall which is considered favourable for better production of summer and winter crops and vegetables. According to MFD, Cumulonimbus clouds may also result in winds as part of a pre-monsoon phenomena.