BANEPA: Geologists have suggested that settlements of five VDCs in the earthquake-hit Kavre district should be shifted to safer locations.

Based on geological studies of the VDCs, experts told lawmakers of the district, Chief District Officer and local-level politicians that the settlements should be shifted from the existing locations as disasters loom large in the areas.

Local Development Officer Chiranjibi Timsina said that the experts made such a recommendation after field studies in Boldephediche, Chyamrengbensi, Nagregagarche, Pokhari Narayansthan and Pokharichauri VDCs.

Lawmakers of the concerned constituencies were coordinators of the study teams.

Chief District Officer of Kavre, Sudarshan Dhakal, said that most of the residents of the five VDCs were at risk of the disasters and some people have left the places while some others are shifted to safer locations.

He added that temporary shelters will be managed for the locals and foodstuffs and tarpaulins have been kept in stock to distribute to the needy.