Kavre youth acquires two citizenship papers

Kavre, May 13:

Twenty-seven-year-old Kapil Bista, 27, of Nashikasthan Sanga VDC-2 was found to have taken two citizenship certificates under two different names within a duration of 18 months from the Kavre district administration office.

In his first citizenship (No 153261) issued on August 27, 2006, he has mentioned Krishna Bahadur Bista as his father and has permanent address as Nashikasthan Sanga VDC ward no 2.

In his second citizenship (No 166745) issued on February 22 under the fake name Purna Bahadur Karki has mentioned his father’s name as Lal Bahadur Karki and has a permanent address of Nashikasthan Sanga VDC-6.

The Kavre district police recently detained the secretary of Nashikasthan Sanga VDC Nabin Bhakta Karmacharya for investigation into the incident because he had recommended the issuance of second certificate. Meanwhile, VDC secretary Karmacharya on Sunday filed a case in Kavre district administration office urging cancellation of the second citizenship paper taken by Bista by deceiving him.

Karmacharya has mentioned that Bista got two citizenship papers made with an ill intention to

own 10 ropanis of public land at Sanga.

Bista has absconded after Karmacharya filed a case. According to assistant CDO Govinda Sapkota, the persons who deceive and take two citizenship papers can be jailed for one to five years and be fined Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000.