KC’s kin demand facts, deny to claim her body

POKHARA:  At a time when the country has been taken aback by the incidents occurring in Kanchanpur following the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta (13) nearly a month ago, yet another minor girl was found dead in Pokhara yesterday and following her autopsy her kin suspect that she was murdered too.

The family of the 13-year-old Pushpa KC found dead at Shailaja Park in Pokhara Metropolitan City-19 of Kaski district today, have refused to claim her body demanding the police to make public the facts behind her death.

The victim’s father Nipendra KC said they would not claim her body unless the police comes up with facts.

“We suspect that Pushpa was murdered as her belt and skirt were found lying nearby her body,” her uncle Dhurba KC said, “The nature of the findings suggest her murder.”

According to Kaski Police Spokesperson Rabindra Gurung, police have initiated an investigation to find out whether it was suicide or murder.

As per an autopsy report, KC had a blood-clot in left side of the brain and lung and liver injuries, officials informed.

Moreover, the school administration was reckless to let her get off from the bus away from her usual drop site. However, the school administration issuing a statement said that Pushpa insisted to be dropped off early as she had to fetch groceries before reaching home.

The locals have also demanded the police to make public the “true findings” of the case.