Province 2 Governor Rajesh Jha 'Ahiraj' has called on everyone to move ahead keeping the interests of their country and the region in their hearts and minds.

"All the people who live in Nepal must keep their country in their minds and Madhes, or any other region they belong to for that matter, and work," said the governor, while addressing an interaction organised by District Administration Office in the meeting hall of District Coordination Committee today.

"Our country is slipping into extremism, so it's imperative that we overcome the lack of trust among people from different castes, classes and linguistic and cultural backgrounds and so on by promoting love for the nation," he said, stressing the need of harmony among different communities to end extremist sentiments.

Governor Jha also spoke on the responsibility of the media to rightly inform the public about the happenings in our society. "If, among others, journalists dutifully fulfil their responsibility, it will help eliminate the ills in our society and thus go a long way in creating a healthy and good society," he said.

CDO Indradev Yadav, SP Siddhi Bikram Shah and others were present at the programme today.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 4 2021, of The Himalayan Times.