Khalanga under high risk of landslide

Jajarkot, July 4

Jajarkot district headquarters Khalanga is under great risk of landslide due to haphazard road construction.

Khalanga is located on a plateau and naturally is prone to landslides. On top of that, haphazard road construction in the name of development in recent days has added to the risk locals face. The horror of the deadly landslide in Thanti bazaar last year still haunts them.

“When it starts raining, I can’t sleep for fear of being swept away in sleep,” said Chitra Bahadur Bohora of Thanti in Bheri Municipality. He further pointed out that the major problem was  lack of proper outlet for rainwater.

“There is no proper outlet for rainwater but, there are all sorts of haphazardous constructions, which have increased the risk factor,” said Bohora. His house is also located near a site where landslide had occurred last year.

Nepal Red Cross Society Jajarkot has also pointed out that the threat of landslide had increased due to construction of Jajarkot-Dolpa and Jajarkot-Jumla roads and other minor roads.