Khanal says UDMF leaders' Delhi visit a wrong decision

CHITWAN: CPN-UML senior leader and former prime minister Jhala Nath Khanal said it was a wrong decision on part of the agitating Madhesi party leaders that they visited New Delhi of India seeking solutions to the internal problem.

Speaking at a press meet in Bharatpur of Chitwan district on Wednesday morning, Khanal said all the parties should seek solution to the ongoing political tension within the nation.

It would be against the national interest to explain the internal problems to the foreigners, the former prime minister added.

Meanwhile, Khanal urged the agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) leaders to reach a resolution of the current problems through dialogues.

"There are differences," he said, "But, we should solve it sitting together."

Speaking at the same function, another UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said FM radio stations operating in Tarai districts had a hand in jeopardising communal harmony.

The local radios were violating principles of journalism, he said.

"News stories, information and analyses should be balanced," he said, "They should not incite. None has any right to foil harmony."

He urged media personnel to play constructive roles to strengthen national unity.