Khanal warns of stir if statute's delayed

KATHMANDU: At a time when the main opposition party — the UCPN-Maoist — has threatened to launch protest after the Tihar, the chairman of the CPN-UML, which is leading the coalition government, has warned of a similar protest.

"After the Tihar, we're ready for a vigorous movement should parties failed to draft the constitution on time," he said, speaking on a tone similar to that of the UCPN-Maoist leaders. Addressing an exchange of greetings amidst a tea party organised by the Bagmati Special Bureau of the All Nepal National Free Students Union, Khanal said the government led by his own party and those supporting it would have to bear the consequence if they failed to write the constitution on time.

"The leadership should listen to the voices of the people," he said.

While threatening to launch what he said a 'vigorous movement', Khanal also went on highlighting the yawning gulf between the rich and poor in the country.

He also remarked that the importance of Dashain and Tihar festivals in Hindu society originated from among the peasants but said the celebrations should be shortened to one or three days instead of 15 days.

Speaking on the occasion, ANNFSU's president Ram Kumari Jhakri said people have begun to question political parties. "What would happen if the people lost faith on parties and seek an alternative to political parties?" she asked.

Jhakri, meanwhile, urged everyone to get prepared for another movement to create pressure on the parties if they keep fighting ignoring the voices of the people.

Also addressing the function, Dipak Gautam of ANNFSU said the programme was organised to create pressure on the leaders to expedite the process of drafting the constitution and lead the peace process to its logical conclusion.