Khotang denizens stage sit-in, demand reparation

Khotang, May 3

Locals from Diktel, Nerpa, Chyandanda and Nirmalidanda of Khotang staged a sit-in in front of the District Administration Office today.

They staged the sit-in demanding compensation for land that the government had acquired for expansion and black-topping of the Diktel-Chakhewabhanjyang road section.

Earlier, they had staged a rally at district headquarters Diktel and submitted a memorandum to the DAO seeking compensation for their land about a month ago, but to no avail.

The agitating locals have formed a pressure committee led by Ramkaji Rai and demanded that the road be black-topped only after the government distributes compensation.

Expansion and black-topping is under way along the Diktel-Chakhewabhanjyang road section.

According to the standard of Mid-hill Highway, the sale of land sale and passage of land map, among others, have been halted from the middle of the road, and 31 metres left and right of the road.

Rai, coordinator of the pressure committee, said “We are not against development, but the government ought to think about rehabilitating those displaced due to the road expansion.”

The agitating locals demanded that the government reconsider the expansion of 31 metres on either side of the road as it would render many locals homeless and landless.