Khotang man claims 'swindled by money transfer agency'

KHOTANG: A man has filed a complaint at the Local Peace Committee and the District Chamber of Commerce seeking justice after being swindled, on Sunday.

According to the victim, Nakul Rai of Ekantakuna of the district, a total of Rs 150,000 which was transferred to his name by Naresh Rai of Badkadiya-1 was taken away by a third person, Saroj Timilsina of Phaparbari-7 in Makawanpur.

Following the incident, Nakul had complained at the District Police Office and District Administration Office for action, in vain.

Even after one and half months, no investigation into the swindling has been held by the concerned authorities.

Naresh had transferred the money to Nakul on May 25 through Hamro Khotang Company, a money transfer agency.

But, failing to receive the transferred amount from the Namaste Remit, Nakul had inquired the company. The company, however, replied that the money had already been cashed by Timilsina a day later.

According to the company, Timilsina claimed the money to be his and that it was mistakenly sent under Nakul's name. The Kathmandu-based Namaste Remit contacted the Hamro Khotang Company and inquired, but the latter changed the receiver's name and eventually let Timilsina cash the amount.

The victim Nakul said that the Company had promised to return his money asking him not to make it public, but has not received any amount yet.

Nakul has asked the Company to take the responsibility for the incident.

In defence, the Khotang Company, however, has said that the money cannot be cashed unless the transfer number is leaked, denying its role in the fraud.