Doctors save expecting mother in critical condition

Khotang, January 9

Doctors in Khotang have saved the life of an expecting mother, who was in critical condition after an inordinate delay in taking her to the health facility for delivery led to the rupture of her uterus.

A team comprising Dr Narayan Baral, Medical Officer Ashok Giri and Shailendra Shrestha of Diktel-based District Hospital saved the life of Indra Kumari Bhujel of Dorpachiuridanda after conducting a four-hour long surgery on Saturday evening. They, however, failed to save the baby.

Bhujel's family had rushed her to the hospital on the third day after treatment from traditional witch doctors in their village for two days didn't help.

According to Dr Baral, they couldn't save the baby as it was dead when Bhujel was brought to the hospital.

"When we operated on her, her uterus was ruptured and the baby was dead," he said, adding that the baby could have been saved if the woman was brought to hospital in time.

Upon the district hospital's referral, Bhujel was sent to Thapathali-based Prashuti Griha, Kathmandu, today. She was airlifted in a chartered flight that was managed by paying Rs 125,000.

Earlier, the attempt to send her to the Capital had failed as no flights could operate from Khanidanda airport yesterday due to adverse weather.