Kidnap-accused gives Parsa police the slip

Birgunj, May 1:

Forty-eight-year-old Surendra Chaudhary Tharu from Srinagar Birta Post of Uttaranchal Pradesh in India gave policemen a slip and fled from the police custody in Parsa district police office today.

He was caught by the relatives of Suresh Thapa (48) of Chhapkaiya in Birgunj-2 from Ranighat of Birgunj and handed over to the police on Tuesday.

Tharu has been accused of abducting Thapa, who has been missing for two years ago.

Thapa’s relatives, who visited the police office today, were disappointed to know about Tharu’s escape, as he was the only person at present who could tell anything about Thapa’s whereabouts.

Police inspector at the district police office KP Sharma admitted that Chaudhary had fled and that the police were ready to extend whatever possible cooperation to rescue Thapa.