Kids lead sanitation hygiene brigade

DAILEKH: Villagers in Dailekh’s Jagannath VDC no longer go to open spaces to answer nature’s call. Their schoolgoing children have coaxed them into making toilets.

Some 300 children of around 150 households in four wards of the VDC urged their parents to make toilets.They even warned of quitting their study in case the parents ignored them.

“He bunked school for a week, forcing us to make a toilet,” Moti BK, father of sixth grader Ramsara BK, said.

Eighth grader Amar BC has compelled his mother to make a toilet, too. She said, “I had to sell goats to find money for the construction. He threatened of quitting study otherwise.”

Not only at home, the students have joined hands to construct a

toilet at the school as well. Following the construction of the toilets, the children have declared the village open defecation-free.

The VDC has allocated Rs 62,000 to build toilets for 25 impoverished households, said secretary Jayachandra Neupane. Volunteer Nirmala Chand said the children’s effort had prevented

the spread of fever, typhoid and diarrhoea to some extent. What’s more, the kids have constituted a Child Club in the VDC. “We will take action against adamant


New migrants will also be advised to make toilets,” club president Pushpa Adhikari said.