Kin hold relief hope months after tragedy

DADELDHURA: Three weeks after the nature's fury snatched their nearest and dearest ones at Garkha of Mastmandu-1, families of the 12 victims, who were killed in the landslide triggered by the torrential rain, are still awaiting relief from the authorities.

The District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee said it was yet to get the demanded amount from the Home Ministry, which was delaying the distribution of the compensation to the victims.

Following the large-scale landslides that caused a heavy loss of life and properties, the committee had decided to provide Rs 25, 000 to each family whose member was killed, Rs 5,000 to each displaced family and Rs 3,000 to each family whose house was collapsed. The survived children are through tough time in the lack of relief.

Bisna Bhul, a local resident, who lost both of her parents, said that she was just offered free-of-cost treatment to her injuries, and nothing else. "After the landslide claimed lives of my parents, I'm taking refuge at my relative's house along with my brother," Bhul said.

"We are really disappointed as the government is yet to provide us the promised sum," she regretted.

According to Chief District Officer Rajendra Prasad Ghimire, he had apprised Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal of the budgetary constraints during the latter's visit of the district then. "But we're unable to provide relief as we too haven't got the same from the government," he said.

Rs 30 lakhs is required to distribute to the victims' families, according to CDO Ghimire, who is also the chairman of the committee. Displaced Padam Bul said high-ranking government officials were not bothered by their plight.