Kin of disappeared still have unhealed wounds

NEPALGUNJ: Despite the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement,

the ongoing peace process has various wounds to heal. The wounds of next of kin of those

disappeared during the insurgency wait healing too. Consider this: Sixty-year-old Batasiya

Tharu of Beluwa-7, Betouni, Bardiya, has been compelled

to earn her living by begging

after her two sons disappeared during the people’s war. Batasiya was crying as she said, “I visit

various villages for begging

and spend the nights in

other’s house.” She added, “As

I am homeless and have no

food to eat, I have no alternative but to beg.”

Batasiya’s has been living a sorrowful life after her two sons -Raina Tharu and Palta Tharu -never returned after being arrested by security personnel during the insurgency. She lamented that her daughter-in-law died for lack of proper medical treatment after her husband Raina disappeared.

She said that she would not be living such a miserable if she was living with her sons. She also said that her daughter-in-law would not have miserable death if her sons were at home. Even the Maoists, who waged the war from their side, have not done anything for Batasiya. She also said that she had not got anything from the government either.

Padali Tharu of Motipur-2 also shared similar plight. Her son Bhagaram Tharu had disappeared along with Kalpatti Tharu, Lalibihari Tharu, Haricharan Tharu and Kaliram Tharu of the village after they were arrested by security personnel on August 25, 2002. Next of kin of Bhagaram and Lalbihari are yet to receive Rs 1 lakh as relief as announced by the government

Maganti Tharu of Sourahawa-2, Jagatiya, sharing similar story, said that her sons had left school after her husband disappeared. Her husband Shivacharan Tharu was arrested on December 12, 2001.

Likewise, Salikram Sapkota, whose daughter Maya Sapkota had disappeared during the insurgency, lamented that even the party that had taken his daughter to the battle field has done nothing.

He said that he has no any hope form the state. He lamented the Maoists too did not recognise her contribution. He added, “It is sorrowful the party that took her to the war did not recognise her contribution.” He said, “It is a matter of regret that lifestyle of the party leaders is improving while we are still suffering.”