Kiranti roots for autonomous federal states

Sindhupalchowk, January 23:

Minister for Culture and State Restructuring Gopal Kiranti today urged all to make efforts for the establishment of a republic with autonomous federal states.

Addressing a Lhosar festival organised to mark Lang Lhosar 2845 of the Tamangs in Chautara today, the minister said federalism with autonomy was the only basis for republic.

“For a republic to be in favour of nationality and people, it should have autonomous federal states,” he said, clarifying that setting up such an order would be tough without continuous pressure from the public. “Let’s launch a movement for the establishment of federal states,” he called, adding that such a movement should be, however, peaceful.

He termed the armed movement in Tarai as an attempt to disintegrate the nation. “Though all are free to protest and oppose the government, nobody can revolt against the hard-earned republic,” Kiranti said. Sixty per cent of the inhabitants in the district are Tamangs. The festival was the first of its kind in Sindhupalchowk.