KJWP against carving out states on ethnic lines

DHARAN: Kirant Janabadi Workers Party, which has been continuing armed struggle against the state for the past four years in the eastern part of the country, today said that carving out of federal states on the basis of ethnicity will not be acceptable to the party.

Talking to media persons, chairman and military supreme commander of the party Bibas Binesh said, “Federalism based on ethnic lines will weaken the nation.” He, however, suggested that the basis should be historical background and geography of an area.

Binesh maintained that they would sit for talks with the government after declaring ceasefire on a condition that 14 districts in the eastern development region except Siraha and Saptari be declared Kirant state. He also claimed that regressive forces and status quo bias elements were manoeuveringplaying on political parties’ squabbling and insatiable hunger for power.