KMC waiting for govt’s nod to move ahead


The Chief Executive officer of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) today said that the government employees are confused over the implementation of the decisions made by the elected people’s representatives.

“We are confused how to move ahead because of the fast changing political scenario in the nation,” said Padma Raj Regmi, the chief executive officer of KMC, adding that the metropolis is presently doing its regular works only.

Regmi said it has been difficult to decide on any important matter related to the KMC because the minister for local development has not yet arrived.

He said all the development works are stalled except the regular day-to-day function of the metropolis.

“The direction is still unclear. We neither have budget nor programmes,” he said adding: “We are waiting for the dos and don’ts from the government to move ahead.”

He further said the elected people’s representatives scrapped the budget and programmes made by the government employees in the absence of people’s representatives in the KMC and they have left now.