Koirala accused of violating conduct code

Hetaunda, August 21 :

A rights activist and leader of civil awareness campaign Krishna Pahadi today said the remarks made by PM Girija Prasad Koirala, in which he said the Maoists won’t be given the status of a political party unless their arms are managed, is itself in violation of the ceasefire code of conduct.

Speaking at an interaction held here by the civil awareness campaign, Pahadi said, “People have begun losing faith in the present government after it began rooting for the ceremonial king.

“The Nepalis want peace,” he said, adding, “The peace process should not be cut short citing Maoist atrocities,” Pahadi said. Dr Devendra Raj Pandey said anarchy and the Parliament are delaying the constituent assembly elections. Stating that Maoists’ activities too are against the peace process, Dr Pandey urged the government to conduct constituent assembly polls at the earliest.

Shyam Shrestha, a member of the civil awareness campaign, said the people might revolt against the political parties if the latter tried to hamper the peace talks. “The monarchy will gain if the peace process is disrupted,” he said.

Makwanpur coordinator of the campaign Arun Subedi chaired the programme.