Koirala asks parties to focus on constitution execution

Pokhara, January 9

Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashanka Koirala today urged the major political parties to concentrate on the implementation of the new statute.

Laying the foundation stone of BP Park on the premises of Western Regional Campus of the Institute of Engineering Studies in Lamachaur, Pokhara Koirala asked the major parties to concentrate on holding the polls as the country should hold all three types of polls by January 21 of 2018. He said the dispute seen in the demarcation of provinces could be settled after the civic polls.

Koirala warned that the country might plunge into constitutional and political crisis if all three levels of polls were not held within the stipulated timeframe. “Parties have to be careful about the impending crisis in case the country fails to hold the polls,” Koirala stated.

Noting that political stability was a must for the country’s development, Koirala stressed the need to implement the new statute to usher in stability and development.

Koirala said his party had to take charge of the leadership to implement the statute as it was promulgated under his party’s leadership. He asked the party’s rank and file to unite and go to the polls. “You have to forget factionalism and commit to the party’s cause,” Koirala added.

Koirala argued that his party had a promising future if it embraced philosophies of nationalism, democracy and socialism. “People have faith in the NC,” he said.

‘Elections first’

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress Secretary General Shashank Koirala has rooted for early elections by putting the provincial boundary disputes on hold.

Addressing an interaction organised by the British Gurkha Nepalese Council in the Valley on Monday, Koirala said early election was necessary to give a way out to the country and avert a constitutional crisis.

“We have to get ready for election even by keeping the current provincial boundary issues on hold,” he said while addressing a symposium on the theme of the contribution of British Gurkhas.

“A constitutional crisis will loom large if we fall short of holding the three layers of elections local, provincial and federal by 21 January 2018.” He appealed to all political forces to come together on the issue of elections. “We can’t afford any further delay,” he reiterated.