Koirala bats for Biratnagar as provincial capital

PATHARI, MORANG: Nepali Congress leader Shekhar Koirala has urged the voters to cast vote for NC to make Biratnagar as the provincial capital city and also for overall development of the city.

Addressing an election rally in Budhiganga Rural Municipality in Morang on Monday evening, Dr Koirala said that NC's victory was needed for overall development of Biratnagar.

He also asked the voters to cast vote for NC to ensure their identity, access and representation.

Koirala, also the candidate of Morang-6 for House of Representatives, also pledged to implement social security programme, ensure supplies of drinking water and construct drains.

Claiming that only NC can resolve the problems facing the country, Dr Koirala reiterated NC should win the polls to safeguard the democracy.