Kathmandu, August 26:

Nepali Congress (NC) President Girija Prasad Koirala today reiterated his view that the constitutional monarch cannot expect to interpret constitutional clauses to his benefit and extend his direct rule as of now. Koirala underscored to the heads of the party’s district units that the NC was fighting for supremacy of the people. He was addressing a gathering at the party headquarters.

“NC has always been in favour of establishing the supremacy of parliament. This means the constitutional monarch cannot interpret constitutional clauses the way he pleases,” Koirala said, before over 60 chiefs of the district units who arrived in the capital to attend the coming general convention of the party. “People have been fooled too many times. This time, we have to ensure that the constitutional monarch goes by the letter and spirit of the constitution,” Koirala said, adding that the people cannot be expected to foot the bills for an institution which does not fulfil their aspirations. Koirala said the monarch will be deemed to be active when he agrees to supremacy of parliament.