Koiralas pledge to revive NC’s glory

Biratnagar, November 18

Three members from the Koirala clan of Nepali Congress came together and pledged to revive the party’s lost glory and credibility in Biratnagar today.

NC leaders Sujata Koirala, Shashank Koirala and Shekhar Koirala, who were here to participate in the inaugural function of Girija Prasad Koirala Foundation’s province level office, donned a single garland and pledged to revive the NC’s trust for the party’s leadership and the country’s development. The Koirala trio said they had been one in ushering in prosperity by strengthening socialism, nationality and democracy. At the programme, three members from the Koirala clan said there was no dispute over the party’s next leadership and were ready to move ahead with sacrifice.

NC General Secretary Shashank Koirala said, “We shall move ahead united for the NC and country.” He claimed the country had achieved major changes under his party’s leadership. “We have to lure more youths into the NC even if it means giving reservations,” he added.

NC central member Shekhar Koirala said they did not have any dispute regarding the party’s future leadership among the three Koirala members. “We were united yesterday. We are united today and shall be one tomorrow as well,” he added. Shekhar stated that they would not deviate from nationality, democracy and socialism. “We three will revive party’s glory, but you have to support.”

NC leader Sujata said they would work in tandem to fulfil BP Koirala and Girija Prasad Koirala’s dreams. “For the party and the country, there is no disagreement on the NC’s next leadership”, Sujata said.