Koshi flood-hit launch agitation

Itahari, November 2:

Koshi flood victims today launched an agitation demanding the government meet their 10-point demand.

The victims had handed a memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Home Ministry some two weeks ago, putting forward their 10-point demand that include land for the victims, waiver in bank loans and reasonable compensation for the loss they incurred in the floods.

On the first day of the agitation, the victims in all camps donned black ribbons in the arm. Almost all of the over 50,000 displaced by the August floods in Koshi participated in the agitation, Ayub Ansari of the Koshi Flood Victims’ Struggle Committee said.

The flood victims have also been demanding the government replace the current temporary ration card system by a scientific one; provide Rs 25,000 compensation to the families of persons who died in the camps, arrange free education and textbooks for the children of the displaced and bring a special relief package for children, aged, handicapped and pregnant in the camps. Likewise, they want priority for flood victims in construction works in camps and an end to exploitation of children and women in the camps.

The victims plan to stage a sit-in in front of district administration and hold a mass meeting in Inaruwa on November 5, shut Inaruwa bazaar on November 6, 7 and 8, organise a publicity programme on November 9 for a protest rally to be held on November 10 and call an indefinite general strike from November 11.