BAJURA: The Himalayan Times through one of its stories has yet again made an impact by highlighting the plight of four helpless siblings facing dire financial circumstances.

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In an article published by the Himalayan Times, on September 29, it had reported about a family with four children, all of whom had been neglected and were undergoing hardships.

THT's regional correspondent in Bajura, Prakash Singh -- who over the years of his professional experience in journalism has replicated numerous similar feats -- had reported the story, which caught the eye of Marianne Grospietch, a German national.

According to Kunwar, the organization was able to extend helping hands following suggestion and assistance from Grospietch, who claims to have read the article in Germany.

Marianne Grospietch is the founder of Shanti Sewa Griha in Nepal and has been involved in humanitarian efforts across the world for more than past three decades. She has agreed to take the responsibility of the four siblings-- two girls aged 16 and 11; two boys aged 16 and 11-- that would help them to secure a nurturing environment amid pursuing their educational pursuits.

The children have been brought to Kathmandu after the completion of all formal procedures from Boriwada of Budhiganga Municipality-6 in Bajura district.

The children first lost their father and later their mother left them to start another family. In absence of both parents and consequentially left without any source of income, the children were compelled to continue their livelihood in extremely poor conditions, often depending on relatives and neighbors for basic necessities including food and clothing.