Lack of bridge obstructs vehicular movement in Rukum

Rukum, August 6

Lack of bridges over a dozen local streams has affected regular vehicular movement along the 125-kilometer stretch of the mid-hill Highway in Rukum.

Due to lack of bridges over Rukumgad Khola in Dhaulapahira and over the Jahari Khola in Chaurajhari Municipality, commuters have to face great difficulty.

Transportation service to Bhume in Puthauttarganga Rural Municipality and Baglung has come to a complete halt for want of a bridge over the Rukumgad Khola. Every year, vehicles halt their service along the 20-km road due to lack of bridge over Rukumgad during monsoon. Bridge construction over Rukumgad Khola started six years ago. BB Yakthunghang JV had started the work, but the company itself is not sure about completion of bridge construction.

Work on the bridge cover Jaharikhola started five years ago, but its completion is nowhere in sight. Neglect on the part of the contracting company Siddisai Prakash Construction has delayed completion of the bridge. Similarly, construction of a bridge over Sisne, Sahari, Ghorakahni and Sangrekhola began five years ago, but they are yet to be completed.

Of the 125-kilometre road, jeeps ply only 25 kilometres of the road stretch. Jeeps ply from Rukumkot to Khopichar and Khopichar to Khalanga. Passengers travel at great risk. Bhupendra Budha, a local  said Rukumkot to Khopichar was the most risky road section along the mid-hill Highway. Muddy roads and landslips forced transport entrepreneurs to stop vehicular movement on the highway.