Lack of market for Bodhichitta leaves farmers worried

Kavre, June 7

Farmers in the Timal region of Kavre district, who used to earn millions selling Bhodhichitta fruits, are a worried lot this time around with hardly any trader in their village to buy their produce.

Bodhichitta is a plant that has a high cultural and religious value in Tibetan and Chinese societies. Its fruits, in particular, are used to make 108-bead rosaries, which are used while reciting mantras and prayers in Buddhism. “Had it been the previous years, dealers would be visiting our garden and negotiating the price of Bodhichitta fruits. We would also be very busy guarding the trees. But this year, there is nothing of this sort,” said Yudhha Lama of Temal.

Lama has grown 16 Bodhichitta trees in his garden, from where he earned up to Rs 8 million last year.

According to farmers, there has been a 30 per cent drop in price of the rosary of Bodhichitta beads this year. Given the good market for the plant and its fruits, many farmers in Timal area and Ramechhap are involved in Bodhichitta farming. Though they had been making millions of rupees by selling the fruits until last year, the slump in the market these days has got the farmers worried.