Lack of blood bank hits patients hard in Bajura

Bajura, October 20

Patients have been facing problems due to lack of blood bank in the District Hospital, forcing kin of the patients to run from pillar to post, to arrange blood.

According to the district hospital, obtaining blood was tough though there were blood transfusion centres at District Public Health Office and at Tante Health Post.  Information Officer Kul Rawal at the district hospital said even delivery service at the hospital had been affected due to lack of blood. “Sometimes donors of the required blood group are not available during emergency situations,” he added. Rawal said patients could not receive treatment on time due to these reasons.

To cope with the problem, the district hospital has been requesting personnel from Nepali Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force to donate blood whenever patients require blood transfusion. Blood donation by a security person was helpful for the treatment of Jawa Damai, 30, of Budhinanda Municipality, who was admitted to the hospital following excessive bleeding, a few days ago.

Not only Jawa, security personnel have saved lives of many new mothers by donating their blood at the hospital.

“Lack of blood bank has become a major problem at the hospital,” he added.