Lack of bridges affects transport in Manang

Manang, July 3

Locals of Manang are facing a hard time due to lack of bridges over a number of rivers in the district.

Every year, vehicles travelling on the road linking Manang to the outer districts ply unobstructed during the dry season, but with the rivers running in full spate in the rainy season, people in Manang have to face difficulty traveling outside the district.

While there are no bridges over a number of rivers, at other places they have been swept away by flooded rivers, throwing the people at the receiving end.

Mostly, lack of a bridge over Pisang and Timang rivers on the road linking Manang and Lamjung’s Beshishahar in Neshyang Rural Municipality has been the biggest problem. Due to lack of bridges passengers get stranded for days.

“Vehicles somehow ply during the dry season, but as the rivers become impassable in monsoon, it causes disruption of transportation service,” said Assistant sub-inspector Laxman Neupane of Tal Police Post.

Chief District Officer Ganja Bahadur MC admitted that lack of bridges over the rivers had given trouble to people. The road linking Lamjung with Manang is 65 km in length.

Meanwhile, even local entrepreneurs have faced a hard time supplying daily essentials due to the poor condition of the road.