‘Lack of land use plan causing problems at local levels’

Khotang, December 8

Naya Shakti Party-Nepal Coordinator Dr Baburam Bhattarai today held that lack of right land planning based on geography had caused problems in almost all local levels.

Speaking at a programme organised by District Coordination Committee, Khotang, Bhattarai stressed the need to devise land use plan in our agrarian country. “Since our first resource is land, rural municipalities and municipalities must first devise a plan to use land,” Bhattarai said, adding “Lack of planning to separate land for agriculture, forest, residential and administrative purpose is causing problems at the local levels”.

Bhattarai said local levels should have the courage to undertake development work. He urged local representatives to rise above their petty interests and commit themselves to development. “If you think about your vote bank, party line and relatives, you can accomplish nothing significant. You should forget party ideology and your circle to bring about tangible changes,” he added. The former prime minister also urged people’s representatives to involve local people in development work.

Bhattarai said the new constitution was a new model in the world as it guaranteed certain rights to the local levels. “Some problems and complication may arise in the implementation of the statute. But, we will have to resolve the them and protect the constitution,” Bhattarai added.