Nepal | September 23, 2019

Lack of manpower, govt support lead to decline in yak farming in Dhading

Keshav Adhikari

DHADING: The yak farming has declined due to lack of manpower and other resources in the highlands of Ruby Valley Rural Municipality in Dhading district. The yak farming business is the chief source of income for local farmers.

Yak farming in the district has declined since youths are not attracted in the business. Lack of adequate manpower and shortage of grass in the forest have posed threat to the farming business, said Phaisingh Ghale of Tipling who has been keeping yak for over two decades. Local farmers said that youths were attracted towards foreign employment and migrating to urban areas. Besides, there aren’t proper communication, health, and transport facilities in the mountainous rural municipality.

It has been learned that yak farmers earn an annual income of around Rs 300,000. The rural municipality is home to around 400 yaks.

The yak farming business requires an altitude of 2,500 metres above sea level. Dhading’s Somdang and Pansang among other areas in the hills are suitable for yak keeping.

It has been reported that local farmers have lost their interest in the business as it requires a lot of effort but yields less profit.

Dhading Yak Farmers’ Association President Dinesh Ghale said that yak farming had the potential and could still flourish if government brought programmes to promote the business. He said such programmes including the management of grazing areas, better road for transportation of dairy products, livestock insurance could help the farmers.

Meanwhile, Ruby Valley Rural Municipality Chair Cherung Tamang said the rural municipality was developing various programmes aimed at supporting local yak farmers.

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