Lack of transportation hits students hard

KANCHANPUR: Many children at Dodhara Chandani Municipality in Kanchanpur are dropping out school for lack of means to cross the Jogbudha River to reach school.

Lack of a bridge over the river has been a major barrier for children of these villages to even complete primary education.

At present, boating is only the available means of transport to cross the river here which is relatively expensive and not safe as well.

The school children of Kanjabhoj, Kutiyakbhar and Shantinagar areas of the Municipality are charged Rs 5 per head a time to use the boat.

This has forced children to stay home, according to a local Tek Bahadur Sunar.

Journey via a boat during the rainy season is also risky.

These villages lack a single person completing the higher education, Sunar said. The school dropouts eventually set out to India for employment.

Local Jitu Singh Khatri shared, “Children of those parents who can afford to send their children to schools in India are pursuing higher education there, but parents like us representing the low economic class people have no other alternative than keeping children indoors.”

Mahesh Bahadur Bam, Chandani Dodhara Municipality Executive Officer, said that efforts are underway to get an approval from the Ministry to construct a bridge over the river. A survey has already been conducted to construct cemented bridges at two locations, Bam added.