Kailash Kumar Joshi

Dhangadhi, March 28:

Thousands of Lahures, who work in India, returned to their country via Kailali and Kanchanpur transit points recently. But to their dismay, they did not find any vehicles plying on the roads. They were instead compelled to walk the distance.

The Lahures from far western and mid-western development zones were on their way back home with their families. But unfortunately, they had to line up at the highway near Gaddachowki bordering Kanchanpur due to the chakka jam. The vehicles stopped plying following the Maoist ban five days ago which has also affected business activities in the district.

Dhan Bahadur BC of Tiladi-3 of Dailekh district, who came to Mahendranagar six days ago, said he started his journey on foot after he saw no signs of vehicles resuming service. "The increasing number of Lahures stranded at the bordering cities have made fooding and lodging difficult," he said.

People of Accham, Bajura, Dailekh, Mugu, Kalikot and Jumla have to walk the entire day with their luggage. In the absence of official data, the number of those walking to their destinations is estimated at one thousand, security sources at Attaria check post said.

Gaddachowki is the main transit point for Lahures who work in Kumau, Gadhwal, Mumbai, Delhi and Punjab of India. The increasing number of Lahures in Mahendranagar has created accomodation problems. Some Lahures can be seen hiring rickshaws even for a 150 km distance.

Bikram BK, who returned from Almoda, complained about the pathetic condition here. "We never had to walk such a distance in India," he said. Ram Bahadur Dangi who hails from Laligada of Dailekh said these Lahures are suffering the worst situation. Many Lahures complained that their hard-earned money was being spent on accommodation and food.

Bir Bahadur Dangi of Matela of Surkhet said it feels like the past when people had to walk 50 years ago. "We used to walk to India like this 35 years ago," he said. With the transport services coming to a complete halt, passengers have been stranded at Dadeldhura, Doti, Kailali and Kanchanpur, praying for the services to resume.