Lamjung sees decrease in orange production

LAMJUNG:   The District Agriculture Development Office (DAO) of Lamjung said the production of orange has decreased by 75 per cent in the district.

According to Gyanendra Adhikari, a DADO Officer, some pests and lack of nutrition caused withering of orange trees.

Orange farming has been done in more than 600 hectares in the district.

Chiti and Udipur of Lamjung district are famous for orange farming. As much as 119 hectares of land in Chiti is covered with orange trees.

However, the farmers of the district have turned towards cultivation of paddy after the decrease in orange production, of late.

After farmers pressurised the concerned officials for the solution, the government had carried out a field survey and urged the farmers for use of vitamins on orange trees.

The oranges produced in the district are taken to Kathmandu, Pokhara and Narayanghat among other places.