LAMJUNG: Women in Besisahar of Lamjung district have declared their village alcohol and gambling-free zone in a bid to curb  social evils.

With the realisation that the consumption of alcohol gives rise to quarrelling and fighting in families and  societies, the Bal Chetana Shaktishali Aama Samuha of Gairi, Beshisahar-2 has banned alcohol in the village.

Alcohol consumers create chaos in the family and subsequently, social malpractices arose, says Shakuntala Parajuli, chairperson of the group, adding that the women have decided to impose the ban with the view of addressing problems faced by the women of the village.

The group made the announcement on Wednesday taking round of  the village. They have also put banners and posters at the entrance of the village with anti-gambling and anti-alcoholism messages.

Offenders will be fined, says the secretary of the group, Shova Shrestha, explaining that alcohol sellers and consumers caught for the first time will be fined Rs 2,000 each and the same applies to gamblers as well.

In addition, the frequent offenders will be sent for legal actions, says Shrestha.

Meanwhile, some men of the village have said they realised that the women's decision is a positive development and they will support the same.