LAMJUNG: Besisahar Municipality of Lamjung district has started collecting statistics of the financially deprived families living in thatched cottages through social mobilisers.

Municipality Chair Guman Singh Aryal said that a programme has been launched to reconstruct the thatched cottages by integrating metal roofs.

"It is the duty of local government to raise the living standards of people in the municipality," Aryal said and added that technicians would analyse the collected statistics. He said that an interaction would be held to determine the amount of investment the households could make to replace thatched roofs with corrugated metal roofs.

The executive board would then allocate budget to finalise the project based on the estimated contribution of the households. The statistic reports would be delivered to the municipality office in a few days, he said.

According to the municipality ward 11 Chair Achyut Babu Bagale, most of the thatched cottages belong to the poor, marginalised Dalit community.

Likewise, the municipality Programme Officer Santosh Danai said that there were altogether 9,000 families, comprising around 550 households, living in thatched cottages, as per the census carried out in 2011, in the wards 1 to 11.

Similarly, Bhim Prasad Tiwari, the municipality Chief Administration Officer said that the programme being launched to modify the thatched cottages prioritises the permanent families of marginalised community rather than those who have migrated to the municipality.