Rautahat, March 14

The District Court of Rautahat today slapped a fine of Rs 3.5 million each on two land mafioso involved in registering huge swathes of public land in their names.

A single bench of District Judge Laxmiram Dhungana fixed the bail for Fatuha Harshaha VDC’s former chairperson Surendra Raya Yadav and Nawal Kishor Raya Yadav of Rautahat. The Yadav duo had registered more than two bigaha land in Laxminiya VDC in their names by forging fake documents.

They had forged a citizenship certificate of an Indian national Jayantakrishna Maitra, whom the land originally belonged to but was long rendered public property.

The issue came to light after this daily ran a news story a few weeks ago. Following the publication of the news, District Police Office, Rautahat arrested the duo from Katahariya and launched an investigation into the case. Later, a case was filed against the Yadav duo accusing them of forging documents and also charged them with fraud.