Phidim, March 20 While authorities have taken immediate initiatives to set up offices of new local bodies in Terhathum, the Land Survey Office that was supposed to be set up in Sankranti Bazaar five months ago is still to start. The Ministry of Land Reform and Management had delegated local authorities to establish the Land Revenue Office and the Survey Office at the bazaar in October last year. While the Land Reform Office has been established and is delivering services since January 4, the survey office is yet to be set up. Locals have been hit hard, with no option but to travel to the district headquarters Myanglung Bazaar, 68 kilometres from Aathrai of Sankranti Bazaar. Chief of the Survey Office Mithlesh Yadav said that he was also not sure when the office would be set up in Sankranti Bazaar. “We have started to arrange the required documents and other logistics at the Survey Office in Myanglung for Aathrai, but it is likely to take longer time than estimated because of technical reasons,” said Yadav.