ITAHARI: Land mafias, with their nexus with the Land Revenue Office staffers, have registered a piece of land in Itahari-4, belonging to Haripriya Paudel in the name of Anju Rana Thapa of Duhabi-4 without the former’s consent, it has been revealed.

According to a source, Anju Rana Thapa is the daughter of Dipak Shumser and niece of Kendra Shumser, relatives of the ex-royals.

The victim has filed a case with

Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority demanding that the ownership be returned and that the culprits be taken action against.

Haripriya came to know about the matter when a group of people reached there with a customer to sell her land. The Paudels had immediately approached the LRO to find the truth.

According to Binod, son of Haripriya, the office told them that the land ownership was transferred to Rana with the decision of the office. “But we were not shown the details,’’ he said. He has blamed the municipal staffers of being involved in the deal as there was a recommendation letter from Itahari municipality regarding the land.

The victims have also filed a case in the District Administration Office. Binod lamented that LRO Sunsari chief Madan Krishan Upreti had misbehaved with him when he inquired about the case.

Upreti admitted that Haripriya’s land had been transferred in the name of Anju. ‘’We are looking into the matter and will provide justice to the victims,’’ he added. The land is said to have been in the name of Kendra Shumser in 2032 BS.