Landslide blocks Kali Gandaki

Pokhara, January 23

Residents living on the banks of the Kali Gandaki River in Gharapjhong Rural Municipality of Mustang were terrified a lot today following a landslide that blocked water flow in the river for hours.

According to Chhairo Village Society Chairperson Bhim Bahadur Rawaili, a large amount of earth from Chhairo village had collapsed and fallen on the river following day-long snowfall and strong wind at night.

“With the collapse of a huge mound of earth along with trees at night, the river was blocked up totally until 11:00 am today when water started overflowing the blockage,” said local Sukun Rasaili.

There are some 50 households near that point where the river was dammed up.

According to Mustang Assistant CDO Bisheshwor Regmi, water flow in the river eased at about 4:00 pm after some of the earth damming up the river was removed with the help of an excavator.

After personnel of Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and Nepali Army had failed to clear the huge landslide debris, an excavator being used for the construction of the Jomsom-Korala road had been used to remove the blockage.