Landslide-displaced locals facing hard time

Bajura, August 25

Locals, who were displaced due to landslides, are facing a hard time due to lack of proper shelter at Kudi of Budhiganga Municipality in Bajura.

Of the displaced, pregnant woman, new mothers and children have been hit the worst. The displaced locals said they were facing many problems due to lack of shelter.

The family of Bhuja Pari was shifted to a school building as she had recently given birth to a baby and her house was at high risk of landslide.

Bhuja’s family was taking shelter in local Kudikot Primary School. She said her new- born baby had fallen ill due to cold.

“My son is suffering from cough, fever and other cold-related diseases,” she said adding that she was also suffering from lower stomach pain.

Another new mother Sunita Saud said her family was also staying on the premises of the school along with her new-born baby after her house was swept away by landslides.

She said she did not have enough clothes for the baby as the landslide swept away all the clothes. “We both are suffering from cold,” she added.

Similar is the condition of displaced Belu Saud. She said she had also been sheltering in the same school building with her two-month-old baby. She said her baby was suffering from fever and diarrhoea.

“Even managing two meals a day has become difficult,” she said, adding that landslides swept away all the food grains she had stored.

Of the 461 persons, who were displaced due to landslides a week ago, as many as 180 children are below five years of age.

A local, Rajendra Pari, said that more than 30 new mothers and pregnant women were also taking shelter in the school.

Another local, Man Bahadur BK, said that children were facing many health issues.

Meanwhile, health worker Dipak Shah of Budhiganga Municipality said the problems occurred due to lack of good sanitation facilities and toilets.

Mayor Dipak Bikram Shah of the municipality said he was taking initiatives to manage the displaced family as soon as possible.

One person died and six houses were swept by the landslides that occurred at Kudi in Budhaganga Municipality a week ago. The residents of entire Kudi village were displaced and have been taking shelter in a local school for more than a week now. Following the same, teaching-learning activities of the school have also been affected badly.