Landslide obstructs Sanfe-Martadi road section

BAJURA: The Sanfe-Martadi road section in Bajura is at a risk of complete destruction by landslides and flood triggered by incessant rainfall. Transportation service has come to a halt following disruptions along various stretches of the roadway.

According to local Paras Shahi, 500 metres of the road at Buda Bagar in Achham has been swept by the Budhi Ganga River. The 57-kilometre long road section stretching from Sanfe in Achham to Martadi is at a risk of being completely swept away by the river.

Moreover, flash floods and landslides have destroyed various stretches along the road section disrupting transportation services.

As an aftermath, the prices of essential goods have skyrocketed in Martadi, Kolti Bazaar and other northern regions of the district, FNCCI, Bajura Chair Dev Bahadur Rokaya said.

Moreover, disruptions along the main trade route in the region have led to a rise in black marketeering, local consumers said.

Over Rs 1 billion has been poured into the construction of Sanfe-Martadi road section initiated in 1994/95. However, the project has not neared completion yet.